Monday, December 13, 2010


The most common relationship between people around the world - FRIENDSHIP.Few people take it as a synonym for 'just knowing a person' before considering the very meaning of the word.When someone asks u about a person u know..u just say "He/She is a friend of mine" without considering the fact that if u r really 'friends' or not.Not that there is anything wrong in that,but how many of us actually do justice to the so called 'friendship' ? I believe knowing someone doesn't make him/her ur friend.Friendship is more than just knowing someone.Its a competitive world,survival of the fittest.Most people believe in 'first me then others(includes so called friends)' theory.Ive seen people who have a group,who are together the whole time in clg/school but are not really friends.They are least bothered about what's happening with others-forget about helping each other out.Friendship is kind of a formality for them.... such a pity!

You don't have rules/regulations or do's and do not's in friendship.But then its something which connects two individuals.No one needs to tell u what to do for a person...if ur true friends u'll do it yourself!Friendship is when silence is comfortable between two individuals.Its a wonderful feeling that there's someone who cares for u,prays for ur well being,wants u to be happy and expects nothing in return.There is no room for selfishness and jealousy in friendship.Friends are those who can bring a smile on to ur face,who stand by ur side when others leave u,who trust their lives with you!

It's hard to find good friends and lucky are those who have true friends! Give and take is business-not friendship! Its a relationship based on honesty,truth and trust.Its always great to have good friends but very hard to find them.People who leave you when ur in trouble aren't really ur friends.Though encountering such people is a painful experience,it makes one strong and a better person.It brings a better sense of judging people.Recently i've had a very bad experience with 'so called friends' , but its been a learning experience and im a better person now.I believe calling such people ur friends is an injustice to the word 'friendship' and so next time if someone asks u if a particular someone is ur 'friend' just think before u answer...

" Friends are like melons; shall I tell you why? To find one good you must one hundred try." -- Claude Mermet

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


All of us hear ppl saying ' life is is that...' We find different quotes ; books on- life,success in life etc. We go through different inspirational and motivational quotes on life during hard times. But it's surprising how most of our problems actually revolve around other people! When u go and ask a normal person if he has any problems,if he does,he wouldn't name 'Global warming' or 'Water shortage' as his problems but rather it would be break-up with his girl friend or misunderstandings among his friends or issues with his family! It really is funny and strange how humans react to the actions of other fellow humans! The main reason for this being - u find all sorts of people in the world! And as human life is interdependent, u r bound to meet different kinds of people in ur life. There are people u can easily connect with and there are people whom u can never ever understand! U find people who are joking all the time, few who never accept their mistake , few who change their behaviour with place , few who are always ready to argue with or without reason...and so on. Now, the problem arises when u have to deal with such people. We know 'No one is perfect' , all of us contain a blend of characteristics and at times - the time,situation and our mood determine our reaction to things and people.And some of the above characteristics may very well be within us. But then its all comparative! There are people who feel that the whole world is against no matter what u say , u'll probably always land up in trouble. The best way to avoid such trouble is probably to avoid them! eg: Dracula ( don't worry if u don't understand how dracula is an example) There might be people who are ur friends and may very well be little difficult to understand....No matter what the reason is, the best way to get on with ur life is to 'FORGIVE AND FORGET' ..otherwise someone rightly said Speak when you are angry - and you'll make the best speech you'll ever regret.” which will only worsen things. So,whenever ur angry at someone, just calm down coz Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one who gets burned.” I bet its not easy...but again its all comparative and choosing the better way is only favourable!

Long time!

Whoa!....Its been a very long time since i posted my last post. It's funny and strange how interesting few things seem in the beginning. When you do a thing for the first time you are immensely excited and can't wait to do it again . But as the time passes, the interest gradually decreases! It happens with all of us !As the time passes , these things start getting irksome! Most of us hate to do our daily chores and things like for eg: our education system. But, come to think about it,what would've been the case if there wasn't any compulsion on doing it? The result is clear....all these days rather months (5 months to be precise) ; several thoughts, ideas have been racing through my mind. If only i would put it on paper ...but as there was no compulsion ...i didn't ! So the point?...No matter how much you despise it...It sure is better to have compulsion on few things of our life . In short, that is 'Discipline'...which sure is necessary in one's life!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Getting educated?

All of us are in the process of getting educated(the very fact that ur reading this proves it :P).So,what exactly does 'Education' mean? In its technical sense, education is the process by which society deliberately transmits its accumulated knowledge, skills and values from one generation to another. In short,education helps us to lead a better life. Those who aren't educated usually have their world filled with the darkness of blind beliefs and superstitions. That is,education liberates us and helps us to lead a better life.But,come to think of it "Are we really getting educated?" I feel the word 'Literates' would describe us better(Literacy is typically described as the ability to read and write).
Honestly,just give it a thought. Things were different at school,we were TAUGHT different subjects. From the very purpose of the topic to the varied daily-life applications it had. Atleast this is the case in many schools.In other schools, the children eventually develop a habit of mugging up as a result of poor teaching. This habit of mugging up continues forever.But then if the student is really inquisitive,he can manage it on his own.What ever it is,school life is comparatively the best phase of education.

Then comes the intermediate level where the very concept of getting educated seems useless.Many teens end up commiting suicide .Now,the thing which was supposed to make life better has become the reason for students to end their life! All thanks to the commercialisation of the sick education system.Its all about money,isn't it?

Next-in the UG level-the concept of teaching hardly exists. Its the survival of the smartest.The point is- education is something which has to be applied in our lives.It isn't about the number of degrees u have or the number of marks you've scored.Its about how much u have learned to make this world a better place and to lead a good life.

All of us know about the harms caused by plastic. If asked to write an essay about it,we can write pages n pages but then using a 'use and throw' colourful plastic pen! Thats the irony here!

All of us know the traffic rules.We have written them in exams whenever asked and scored full marks.But do we actually follow them on road?
Its all about the marks and degrees today...isnt it? The very concept behind education is lost! One of the many advantages of education is being able to earn a living, but that isn't the only purpose of it. But people hardly remember that these days.

So, the blame goes to...? No one!

It all depends up on the individual. If one does justice to his duty - the teacher teaching his subject properly and the student taking maximum advantage of it -is the only solution i can think of. Get educated , get a life!

Thursday, April 8, 2010


New college=new place=new people=new friends.You get to meet different kinds of people,make new friends and you get to know them.One of the most weird question of all time asked to me by my new friends was "Do you believe in god?".Well i actually didn't get the point of asking such a question.But i answered it as "Yes ,everyone does...though not all may have the courage to admit it".And when i posed the same question to them,i recieved different replies.Few positive ones and few negative ones,but the most shocking one was "sometimes i do and sometimes i don't!".Oh yea,god exists if your wishes come true and the moment anything goes wrong,you question his existence. Keeping your faith alive at all times is a tough job,its a fact.But losing your faith? it isn't a solution to your problems it?

Here's a story i'd like to share - There was a guy who was an atheist and there was a girl who was a strong believer of god.Once,the girl showed a beautiful painting to the boy.The boy was awestruck by the beauty of the painting and asked if she knew who was the artist.The girl replied that the colours made their way on the canvas on their own and the beautiful painting was created on its own.The boy obviously found it hard to believe.Then, the girl points out that "when you can't believe that the painting was created on its can u believe that this beautiful world was created on its own!"

Well,i'm not preaching anything here! It's just that it feels great to be looked after by someone.When we are young,we seek our parents for this solace.But,once you grow up and start leading your life on your in god definitely helps!..think about it...