Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Life always finds a way!

Life's a strange game,
Sometimes it's such a pain.

You seldom know what you want,
But you always know what you don't want.

Being true to yourself isn't easy,
Being at peace isn't easy.

Sometimes you feel you have everything you need and
Sometimes you feel that there's a gaping void.

You yearn for something,
You get it,
You yearn for something else,
And the process goes on until you're on your deathbed.

Yet, it's funny how time heals everything.
The sun rises again,
Life from seeds sprout again,
The flowers bloom again,
You fall in love once again,
You find life worth living again.

Life always finds a way.
It's on you to find the life you want.

Saturday, August 2, 2014

DO I ?

Do I want to be rich and famous  or 
Do I want to lead a calm and peaceful life in anonymity?

Do I want to live a long and healthy life by shying away from all the temptations or 
Do I want to live in the moment and enjoy everything I can?

Do I want to lead my life like I have a plan or 
Do I take one day at a time?

Do I want to fulfill all my whims and fancies of the moment or
Do I save for future?

Do I want to be an artist, to express myself or 
Do I want to be a scientist to understand what the nature is trying to express?

Do I get intimidated by the vastness of the world or
Do I realize that I can make a difference?

Do I want to lead a long and boring life or
Do I want a short and eventful life?

Do I want to make my presence felt or 
Do I want to make my absence noticed?

Do I want to fall in love at every chance I get or 
Do I wait until the time comes?

Do I stick to my family throughout my life or 
Do I enjoy the beauty of solitude?

No matter what it takes, all I want to be is happy.