Thursday, April 8, 2010


New college=new place=new people=new friends.You get to meet different kinds of people,make new friends and you get to know them.One of the most weird question of all time asked to me by my new friends was "Do you believe in god?".Well i actually didn't get the point of asking such a question.But i answered it as "Yes ,everyone does...though not all may have the courage to admit it".And when i posed the same question to them,i recieved different replies.Few positive ones and few negative ones,but the most shocking one was "sometimes i do and sometimes i don't!".Oh yea,god exists if your wishes come true and the moment anything goes wrong,you question his existence. Keeping your faith alive at all times is a tough job,its a fact.But losing your faith? it isn't a solution to your problems it?

Here's a story i'd like to share - There was a guy who was an atheist and there was a girl who was a strong believer of god.Once,the girl showed a beautiful painting to the boy.The boy was awestruck by the beauty of the painting and asked if she knew who was the artist.The girl replied that the colours made their way on the canvas on their own and the beautiful painting was created on its own.The boy obviously found it hard to believe.Then, the girl points out that "when you can't believe that the painting was created on its can u believe that this beautiful world was created on its own!"

Well,i'm not preaching anything here! It's just that it feels great to be looked after by someone.When we are young,we seek our parents for this solace.But,once you grow up and start leading your life on your in god definitely helps!..think about it...