Monday, December 13, 2010


The most common relationship between people around the world - FRIENDSHIP.Few people take it as a synonym for 'just knowing a person' before considering the very meaning of the word.When someone asks u about a person u know..u just say "He/She is a friend of mine" without considering the fact that if u r really 'friends' or not.Not that there is anything wrong in that,but how many of us actually do justice to the so called 'friendship' ? I believe knowing someone doesn't make him/her ur friend.Friendship is more than just knowing someone.Its a competitive world,survival of the fittest.Most people believe in 'first me then others(includes so called friends)' theory.Ive seen people who have a group,who are together the whole time in clg/school but are not really friends.They are least bothered about what's happening with others-forget about helping each other out.Friendship is kind of a formality for them.... such a pity!

You don't have rules/regulations or do's and do not's in friendship.But then its something which connects two individuals.No one needs to tell u what to do for a person...if ur true friends u'll do it yourself!Friendship is when silence is comfortable between two individuals.Its a wonderful feeling that there's someone who cares for u,prays for ur well being,wants u to be happy and expects nothing in return.There is no room for selfishness and jealousy in friendship.Friends are those who can bring a smile on to ur face,who stand by ur side when others leave u,who trust their lives with you!

It's hard to find good friends and lucky are those who have true friends! Give and take is business-not friendship! Its a relationship based on honesty,truth and trust.Its always great to have good friends but very hard to find them.People who leave you when ur in trouble aren't really ur friends.Though encountering such people is a painful experience,it makes one strong and a better person.It brings a better sense of judging people.Recently i've had a very bad experience with 'so called friends' , but its been a learning experience and im a better person now.I believe calling such people ur friends is an injustice to the word 'friendship' and so next time if someone asks u if a particular someone is ur 'friend' just think before u answer...

" Friends are like melons; shall I tell you why? To find one good you must one hundred try." -- Claude Mermet