Tuesday, February 28, 2012


                Industrial tour - the best time i had in engnn life,an experience which i'm gonna remember for a real long time!
        They say that the journey u make is more memorable than the destination,but the journey we made in order to actually have the journey was even more memorable!
        We were supposed to start on 26th jan at 10.30 pm for Warangal,but even on the day of departure we weren't sure if we'd be actually going for the tour!That afternoon we were informed that the tour had been canceled due to lack of proper permission and we lost all hope.But after a turn of events,at 9pm we were informed that we were actually going to make it!It did take some time for the news to sink in,but we made it!After packing within a mere 2hrs,we left for warangal in bus(we missed the train for obvious reasons).Even after boarding the bus,it was hard to believe that we were actually going!This was no less than an achievement!
        It was a 27hr long train journey to reach Agra,our first destination.We spent a whole day in train by basically doing nothing!All we did was eat,sleep;play cards,dumb charades,antaakshari and an epic game of ludo which went on for 2 long hours.Music,beautiful scenery outside and friends is all you need to let the time fly!
        The next day,we reached Agra at around 2 am and trust me,it was freezing cold!The first place we visited that day was Taj Mahal.I never really found Taj fascinating until that day.After being there in person,i thought "No wonder its a wonder!".The beauty of taj mahal was phenomenal.It's construction,the foresight of the people who constructed it at that period,with the then available resources and technology left me awed.It was a masterpiece of civil engineering! The expertise and the detailed work done was marvelous.In the evening we visited Fathepur-sikhri and other places and left for Delhi,our next stop.


        We visited Mathura on the way to Delhi.The divine atmosphere of Mathura raised our spirits and made our day.We reached Delhi and visited Akshardham temple whose beauty cannot be described in words!
One has to visit it to understand this!After visiting other places in Delhi,we left for Shimla.
        We visited Khufri in Shimla which was an unforgettable experience.The place was covered with snow.Horse riding to the top of the hill was amazing and the return journey was scary(it was all dark with the only source of light being the crescent moon).It was very adventurous and exhilarating with nature's beauty at its best.The snow was shining in the moon light and the ride on horse made it even more breath-taking!
We had a great day and the whole thing was exhausting,but this didn't deter us from attending the DJ that night :P!
        The next day,we set out for Kullu for river rafting in river Vyas.The river water was ice cold and every time u touched it,it would send a stinging pain down your skin.It was a thrilling experience.The water was super cold and could numb one's sense and here we were fully drenched ,struggling to feel our hands and legs!After an hour for rafting,we made it to the bank of the river and i had to look down at my feet to find one of my slippers missing!I didn't sense losing it :P as it was hard to feel any sensation! We had camp-fire after that and i had 'meri kullu wali maggi' there and it was unforgettable!
       Our next stop was Manali.The place can be described by a single word and that is 'BEAUTIFUL'! Every sight was scenic,there was creamy,foamy snow everywhere you laid eyes on! The yak ride,traditional dressing,ride on snow-bike,tyre ride were the highlights there.It was freaking cold at snow point,it was hard to move around in those boots but that didn't deter us from having a full fledged snow fight!It was a lovely place!
       Amritsar was the final destination.We visited Wagah border but missed the parade.Golden temple was very beautiful,the atmosphere there made one feel at peace.This visit was followed by a bus journey to Delhi the next day.The whole journey was filled with fun,frolic and laughter.From Delhi,we had a train journey to hyd,another 27 hr journey but we hardly realized the time fly.That was the end of it, a memorable trip because of all the drama,the effort for making it happen,the fun,the places and the people! And we will always cherish these memories! :)