Tuesday, October 12, 2010


All of us hear ppl saying ' life is this...life is that...' We find different quotes ; books on- life,success in life etc. We go through different inspirational and motivational quotes on life during hard times. But it's surprising how most of our problems actually revolve around other people! When u go and ask a normal person if he has any problems,if he does,he wouldn't name 'Global warming' or 'Water shortage' as his problems but rather it would be break-up with his girl friend or misunderstandings among his friends or issues with his family! It really is funny and strange how humans react to the actions of other fellow humans! The main reason for this being - u find all sorts of people in the world! And as human life is interdependent, u r bound to meet different kinds of people in ur life. There are people u can easily connect with and there are people whom u can never ever understand! U find people who are joking all the time, few who never accept their mistake , few who change their behaviour with place , few who are always ready to argue with or without reason...and so on. Now, the problem arises when u have to deal with such people. We know 'No one is perfect' , all of us contain a blend of characteristics and at times - the time,situation and our mood determine our reaction to things and people.And some of the above characteristics may very well be within us. But then its all comparative! There are people who feel that the whole world is against them...so no matter what u say , u'll probably always land up in trouble. The best way to avoid such trouble is probably to avoid them! eg: Dracula ( don't worry if u don't understand how dracula is an example) There might be people who are ur friends and may very well be little difficult to understand....No matter what the reason is, the best way to get on with ur life is to 'FORGIVE AND FORGET' ..otherwise someone rightly said Speak when you are angry - and you'll make the best speech you'll ever regret.” which will only worsen things. So,whenever ur angry at someone, just calm down coz Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one who gets burned.” I bet its not easy...but again its all comparative and choosing the better way is only favourable!

Long time!

Whoa!....Its been a very long time since i posted my last post. It's funny and strange how interesting few things seem in the beginning. When you do a thing for the first time you are immensely excited and can't wait to do it again . But as the time passes, the interest gradually decreases! It happens with all of us !As the time passes , these things start getting irksome! Most of us hate to do our daily chores and things like for eg: our education system. But, come to think about it,what would've been the case if there wasn't any compulsion on doing it? The result is clear....all these days rather months (5 months to be precise) ; several thoughts, ideas have been racing through my mind. If only i would put it on paper ...but as there was no compulsion ...i didn't ! So the point?...No matter how much you despise it...It sure is better to have compulsion on few things of our life . In short, that is 'Discipline'...which sure is necessary in one's life!