Saturday, May 15, 2010

Getting educated?

All of us are in the process of getting educated(the very fact that ur reading this proves it :P).So,what exactly does 'Education' mean? In its technical sense, education is the process by which society deliberately transmits its accumulated knowledge, skills and values from one generation to another. In short,education helps us to lead a better life. Those who aren't educated usually have their world filled with the darkness of blind beliefs and superstitions. That is,education liberates us and helps us to lead a better life.But,come to think of it "Are we really getting educated?" I feel the word 'Literates' would describe us better(Literacy is typically described as the ability to read and write).
Honestly,just give it a thought. Things were different at school,we were TAUGHT different subjects. From the very purpose of the topic to the varied daily-life applications it had. Atleast this is the case in many schools.In other schools, the children eventually develop a habit of mugging up as a result of poor teaching. This habit of mugging up continues forever.But then if the student is really inquisitive,he can manage it on his own.What ever it is,school life is comparatively the best phase of education.

Then comes the intermediate level where the very concept of getting educated seems useless.Many teens end up commiting suicide .Now,the thing which was supposed to make life better has become the reason for students to end their life! All thanks to the commercialisation of the sick education system.Its all about money,isn't it?

Next-in the UG level-the concept of teaching hardly exists. Its the survival of the smartest.The point is- education is something which has to be applied in our lives.It isn't about the number of degrees u have or the number of marks you've scored.Its about how much u have learned to make this world a better place and to lead a good life.

All of us know about the harms caused by plastic. If asked to write an essay about it,we can write pages n pages but then using a 'use and throw' colourful plastic pen! Thats the irony here!

All of us know the traffic rules.We have written them in exams whenever asked and scored full marks.But do we actually follow them on road?
Its all about the marks and degrees today...isnt it? The very concept behind education is lost! One of the many advantages of education is being able to earn a living, but that isn't the only purpose of it. But people hardly remember that these days.

So, the blame goes to...? No one!

It all depends up on the individual. If one does justice to his duty - the teacher teaching his subject properly and the student taking maximum advantage of it -is the only solution i can think of. Get educated , get a life!