Saturday, November 28, 2009


Indian reality shows are the latest buzzword for the television industry in India.It was a relief in the beginning-finally i was hoping to watch something different than the typical saas-bahu serials on television.Most of them were directly picked up ideas like Big boss(big brother),Indian idol(American idol) and were very successful.These were followed by numerous other reality shows,many of them based on the same format of shows of the West.But then,they say "nakal ke liye bhi akal jarrori hain".Our people didn't realize that and they started "sach ka samna"(the moment of truth).It was just a "copy and paste"(pretty easy huh?) of the US show(same format)...don't they get it? India isn't ready for such shows!But then getting into controversy is like free publicity.This show too got into a lot of controversies and the ministry found the so-called reality show -vulgar,indecent and against good taste and decency.There's some meaning in conducting talent hunts but stuff like this?..Its nothing but a way of attracting people's attention coz of the bad stuff.People may actually watch it once to figure out the reason of the controversy and may very well end up watching it regularly.Ultimately,controversy may result in increased TRPs.

The same thing goes with another reality show called "Pati patni aur woh".To be honest,i've seen many episodes of this show and didn't quite get the aim of the show.Seriously,what was the point in conducting this whole show? All it had was,few celebrity couples trying to look after someone else's children for a couple of days.So,what's the point? Its not like u can learn to raise kids in a month or so.That too,looking after someone else's children is a total different thing.So, after following the whole show,i found that this show was full of controversies thanks to our very own so called celebrities! Not to forget the very hyped show "Rakhi ka swayamvar".I managed to watch half of an episode(trust me,a very difficult task) and found it really funny.LOL.I was wondering how can anyone find a suitable match by conducting a reality show! But then this is Rakhi Sawant we're talking about and turns out to be that she may or may not marry Ilesh(the winner of the show).So,all this fuss to find a new boyfriend huh?The promo of "Rahul ka swayamwar" was also out,but guess no girl actually applied(:-p).So,the ads of the show are no longer being aired.

The other day, i just happened to watch the promo of ndtv imagine's latest reality show called "raaz pichle janam ka".The moment the promo finished,i started laughing.I just couldn't help it.Gosh! seriously,are we out of any practical reality show ideas?(Arrey bhai,is janam ke raaz khafi nahi hain kya?).I don't think the idea has been picked up from the west like indian idol,big brother,the moment of truth n all....but still pichle janam ka raaz???!!Its good that we are starting to apply our brains and thinking of new ideas.But i find this one weird not creative!So,lets just see how the show turns out to be.

At the end of the day,the very meaning of REALITY SHOW has changed.Now-a-days u can find varieties of them,most of them are pointless.So,enjoy watching them!!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

"Narayana Junior College"-the hell down under

Intermediate course-i can NEVER ever forget this phase of my life.

It all began after the ssc results were declared.I was pretty happy with my result and glad that i got into this college with 75% scholarship(i must say,fee concession is really a smart way of attracting students and parents).I had no idea that it wasn't just a college(i realized later that it was more of a Narayana Central Jail).The other side of the college was yet to come.
In the beginning,as any other normal student of my ,i put my heart and soul in studies.I worked really hard and tried to score maximum marks.My interest,determination and everything were at its peak.But then all this lasted only for a couple of months.In the beginning the college timings were from 8am to 5.30pm.After few weeks,they made it till 6pm and finally,after the formation of the FTB(so called "fast track batch"...eventually it turned out to be the"faltu track batch") it was 7am to 7pm.Seriously,i didn't know what was the point in studying for 12 hours daily when the exams were 18 months away! But this was just the beginning,the trailer.

After the formation of FTB,life became miserable.There were no holidays,not even sundays,no bandhs nothing!Even if anyone took leave because of ill health or something,they were not spared.The non-teaching staff would call them and if possible would go their home and pick them up! Whenever the phone rang,when i was on leave,i would skip a heart beat or two.We used to write a test daily,rather one in every class!Marks were evaluated and those who scored less were given a lecture on how irresponsible they were and how much the sirs were working hard for them.Life was horrible.Being good at studies became a punishment.Before coming to this place,i never knew such people even existed in the world.Gosh! And they call themselves teachers! The very meaning of education is forgotten here,its all about marks and tests.These people are only interested in making money,using bright students as their pawns.This went on for two long years!Shuffling of students was constantly done depending on their performance in weekly tests.Those who did well were subjected to special treatment rather creative torture.Corporate colleges are nothing but a new kind of business venture with the only aim of making money.They are least bit bothered about the effect it has on the kids.No wonder so many innocent kids end their lives every year,unable to bear this torture.You may find it exaggerating but you'll not understand unless you've been through all this.Many of the students get over this but few are hugely affected.Many of them lose interest in studies(even their fav subjects).

So,what's the result of all this?...Do you get into the IITs or NITs or IIITs?? Well,at the end of the course,if you see the result,it totally depends on how well you do on the d-day.It doesn't matter how much you've studied or for how long you've studied.It doesn't matter if you've spent sleepless nights,studying for the exam.It doesn't depend on your intelligence either.You may do fairly better than others with a bit of confidence,common sense and knowledge of basics.Then what's the difference? Even after working so hard,why do many students fail to achieve their goal? The answer is simple....Firstly,you never know how's the paper's gonna be.It all depends on how better you do it than others......Secondly,You need to have confidence that you can do it,this is the point where many students of corporate colleges fail.The lectures shatter their confidence so well(by insulting them when they don't perform well)that its hard to get over it.The thing remains some
where hidden inside them......So,it hugely affects their performance in the exam.
Then what's the point in studying in these colleges?..Apparently nothing!
Though many of them end up in good colleges(but mostly not in their first priority) question still remains unanswered:Is the torture worth it? I say its not! Go and see the students of other states...aren't they getting into the IITs or the NITs...Do they go through this mental torture?..the answer is NO!Its not that they don't work hard or something but they aren't extremists like us.They have balance between studies and extra-curricular activities.The students there,have peace of mind.They have confidence that they can make it.They don't write weekly tests but have a good knowledge of basics.They are taught analytical and lateral thinking.They have common sense and what not!..I believe everyone has the same ability,but not everyone is lucky to have good mentors to mould them correctly.

SO...whose responsible for the suffering of the kids?..whose responsible for the deaths of these innocent kids?....What should be done to avoid such cases?...According to me,the only way to stop this is government action against these colleges.Laws should be made regarding the working hours and the treatment meted out to the students(esp in hostels,where the situation is beyond imagination...they have study hours as late as 11pm and as early as 5am).Parents play a key role in providing moral support to the children.They have to understand the ability of their child and not burden him with high expectations....Unless this is done...there will be no decrease in the number of such incidents...

Start of something new!

Finally i'm here starting my very own blog.I've been thinking of doing this since ages but then didn't know where to start from.We all know it's always difficult to begin,but once you've done that,things start falling in the right place gradually.I don't know if i am a good writer,but then this is a perfect way to find that out.Please do comment and let me know if i fall short in any aspect.I'm still working on my first real post and will be posting that soon.So,i'm here determined to try something new,to take an initiative.Its the start of something new!