Saturday, November 28, 2009


Indian reality shows are the latest buzzword for the television industry in India.It was a relief in the beginning-finally i was hoping to watch something different than the typical saas-bahu serials on television.Most of them were directly picked up ideas like Big boss(big brother),Indian idol(American idol) and were very successful.These were followed by numerous other reality shows,many of them based on the same format of shows of the West.But then,they say "nakal ke liye bhi akal jarrori hain".Our people didn't realize that and they started "sach ka samna"(the moment of truth).It was just a "copy and paste"(pretty easy huh?) of the US show(same format)...don't they get it? India isn't ready for such shows!But then getting into controversy is like free publicity.This show too got into a lot of controversies and the ministry found the so-called reality show -vulgar,indecent and against good taste and decency.There's some meaning in conducting talent hunts but stuff like this?..Its nothing but a way of attracting people's attention coz of the bad stuff.People may actually watch it once to figure out the reason of the controversy and may very well end up watching it regularly.Ultimately,controversy may result in increased TRPs.

The same thing goes with another reality show called "Pati patni aur woh".To be honest,i've seen many episodes of this show and didn't quite get the aim of the show.Seriously,what was the point in conducting this whole show? All it had was,few celebrity couples trying to look after someone else's children for a couple of days.So,what's the point? Its not like u can learn to raise kids in a month or so.That too,looking after someone else's children is a total different thing.So, after following the whole show,i found that this show was full of controversies thanks to our very own so called celebrities! Not to forget the very hyped show "Rakhi ka swayamvar".I managed to watch half of an episode(trust me,a very difficult task) and found it really funny.LOL.I was wondering how can anyone find a suitable match by conducting a reality show! But then this is Rakhi Sawant we're talking about and turns out to be that she may or may not marry Ilesh(the winner of the show).So,all this fuss to find a new boyfriend huh?The promo of "Rahul ka swayamwar" was also out,but guess no girl actually applied(:-p).So,the ads of the show are no longer being aired.

The other day, i just happened to watch the promo of ndtv imagine's latest reality show called "raaz pichle janam ka".The moment the promo finished,i started laughing.I just couldn't help it.Gosh! seriously,are we out of any practical reality show ideas?(Arrey bhai,is janam ke raaz khafi nahi hain kya?).I don't think the idea has been picked up from the west like indian idol,big brother,the moment of truth n all....but still pichle janam ka raaz???!!Its good that we are starting to apply our brains and thinking of new ideas.But i find this one weird not creative!So,lets just see how the show turns out to be.

At the end of the day,the very meaning of REALITY SHOW has changed.Now-a-days u can find varieties of them,most of them are pointless.So,enjoy watching them!!


  1. One hundred and one percent true!Ppl r out of their minds to start such ridiculous stuff.And to think it wud appeal to the masses.Viewers r not gonna buy such cheap shows.Alredy ther are too many reality shows n this is actually draining out the real essence of a reality show.So viewers beware of such idiotic reality shows n hope 4 sum real gud ones unlike the crap that is being called a reality show!!!!

  2. I agree with your opinion and even i feel the same when ever i watch them.The present tactics of the television media are to sensetionalise every small thing to raise their trp ratings.But we can not be fooled so easily.

  3. hey i wanted to take part in dat "raaz pichle ...." just to find out wat crap things i did in my last birth to land up in such a show :p

    interestng nd funny article buddy!
    carry on wid d same tempo... :)