Thursday, December 24, 2009


The year's gonna end in another 5 days.As always,I was thinking (:P) about the various events that happened this year in my life.Here's a quick recap!

2009- It was supposed to be one of the most important years of my life with many entrance exams lined up one after the other.I'd been preparing for this since a very long time!Come to think of it,things were totally different last year.I didnt bother to be awake till 12am in night on the new year eve last year,since i had college the next day.I had to be reminded the next day that it was new year since i kept forgetting it!But the day wasn't that bad,thanks to our Chemistry sir.We played antakshri with our juniors for around 30 mins in chem period.It was the only special thing we'd done in the welcome of the new year(the only saving grace).

The following months were very boring because of the numerous mock tests and strenous preparations.Finally,the time of exams came! IIT,AIEEE,EAMCET,BITSAT screwed up all .Thought things would get easy after doing away with the exams but the toughest part was yet to come.Waiting for the results was the most irritating part.Didnt get any good branch(ece or eee to be precise) in IIT(i didnt prepare much for it,it wasnt my aim,solved the whole iit ppr for the first time in my life in d exam hall!),AIEEE,BITS.So,the only option left was EAMCET and i had to wait for 3 long months to finally know which clg i'd be getting into!!

Holidays were fun: read around 15 novels,had lot of fun hanging around with my school friends,watched many movies(too many...watched all d movies that were released in those 2 yrs),attended violin classes,tried playing guitar on my own,started paying Badminton,followed the matches of French open and Wimbledon etc.Many of my friends got into IIT,IIIT,NIT and BITS.Their classes started and at the time our Eamcet counselling hadn't even started.Things went on at snail's pace.But I finally got ECE in JNTU hyd. "ALL'S WELL THAT ENDS WELL"- i agree!

I didn't have any expectations from the college before joining it,so found the place pretty cool later.Many of my inter friends are there in the same college and few in the same class.Its fun being in the college(Proof: We have hols till 31st and im dying to go to clg) and i've begun to feel that all that hardwork didnt go waste after all!Four more years to go....I'm sure these yrs are gonna be great!...really looking forward to it!

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