Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Long time!

Whoa!....Its been a very long time since i posted my last post. It's funny and strange how interesting few things seem in the beginning. When you do a thing for the first time you are immensely excited and can't wait to do it again . But as the time passes, the interest gradually decreases! It happens with all of us !As the time passes , these things start getting irksome! Most of us hate to do our daily chores and things like for eg: our education system. But, come to think about it,what would've been the case if there wasn't any compulsion on doing it? The result is clear....all these days rather months (5 months to be precise) ; several thoughts, ideas have been racing through my mind. If only i would put it on paper ...but as there was no compulsion ...i didn't ! So the point?...No matter how much you despise it...It sure is better to have compulsion on few things of our life . In short, that is 'Discipline'...which sure is necessary in one's life!

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