Sunday, December 25, 2011


I'm not perfect,nobody is
I'm just a girl,with a thousand little dreams!
Not exceptionally gorgeous,
Nor i am a gifted genius,
ORDINARY is the word,
Not hard to find in this world!
I'm a friend tough to make,
Friendship,you'd never wanna break!
Whatever i do,i put my heart and soul in it,
Not the person who gets satisfied by just doing 'it' !
Not so expressive,
Can never stand injustice!
Can't stand mean and filthy liars,
No matter how sweet their lies appears!
Not the one who enjoys hurting people,
Only to end up hurting myself!
Well that is the way i am,
Better accept it as soon as u can!


  1. Sounded more like a warning.. Yes mam, we will accept you as soon as we can :P.. good effort though.. keep writing poetry, you'll just keep getting better

  2. lol..My mom said the same thing :P...wrote it long back..wasn't in good mood that day..n words came out just like that...but didn't want to make any changes afterwards,so posted the same!